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Success begins in the mind and is created by doing

Who does not know one of the following scenarios?

In the morning: Oh how cozy under the blanket.

Lunchtime: Oh so delicious, I allow myself to that today.

In the evening: Oh already so late, I prefer to relax a bit.

Here are a few tips to help you achieve your goals.

1. Set a measurable goal.

Example "reduce 3kg of fat".

2. Set a deadline by when the goal should be achieved.

Example "in 2 months".

3. Define a realistic plan how, where, what and how much you can implement the plan Example "2 times strength training per week for 1 hour in the gym".

4. Transfer.


Most fail at the last point, which is crucial for change. Here are a few tips for you.

Design your environment in such a way that you are always motivated to achieve your goals. Hang a picture of yourself in your former best form on the refrigerator. Create a phrase to remind yourself of your "why", which is bigger and stronger than any "why not". I'm going in for sports today because I want to fit into my wedding dress / suit on the XXX. Avoid distraction, stick a note on your TV that says "Training? "or a note on your refrigerator that says "3L water? "Place your wallpaper around your TV to motivate you. Tell a friend in your close environment your goals, they are the best pushers.

We humans are routine beings - on average, according to scientists, we need about 33 days to create a new routine. Try to stick to it for the first 33 days without exception and your psyche has no choice but to adapt.

I hope you can apply some of the tips personally or share them with friends.

Have fun achieving your goals and you will succeed.

Yours Raina

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