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Your Therapist in Basel


Dominik Kenne

dipl. Physiotherapist

Mission Statement Physiotherapy


The resilience of our body is a main pillar of our health. We support you and want to achieve goals together, both in rehabilitation and prevention. We use the latest research findings to offer you the most effective form of therapy. We stand for a modern, active form of therapy that includes all areas of life in the treatment. At the beginning of the treatment, we offer a detailed report in which we listen to our patients and then work out a therapy plan. Our goal is to achieve sustainable success and thus do our part to improve the quality of life of our patients.


Services Physiotherapy


  • Evidence based work

  • Cooperation with trainers, exercise scientists, sport psychologists

  • Testings (coordination, endurance, strength)

  • Daily emergency appointments for acute treatments

  • Interdisciplinary collaboration with doctors and other health professions as well as the medical service Roche

  • Medical training therapy

  • Familial atmosphere


Phone: +41 61 688 3434​

Ümit Ceyran
Physiotherapie & Osteopathische Medizin


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