Sara Galbavi

Sara Galbavi.jpeg

Sara joined inicio fitness in October 2019 and is now our smiling receptionist in Kaiseraugst. She has always enjoyed working in customer service and will gladly take on any questions or concerns our members might have.

Jürg Bühler


20 Years ago Jürg joined Roche in the medical service. In 2017 he left Roche to start his own business. Now he manages both inicio fitness centers in Basel and Kaiseraugst.

Bettina Wälchli


Bettina joined inicio fitness in 2012, has specialized with several trainings in spiral dynamics since and happily shares her knowledge, motivation and energy with you.

Alessio Trochen

Alessio Trochen.jpeg

After graduating from district school, he devoted himself fully to training as a fitness trainer. Sport has accompanied him all his life, with floorball being his passion. With his sporting experience, he would like to accompany you to your goals and actively support you.

Dominik Kohler

Dominik Kohler.jpeg

As a fitness instructor and educator, Dominik has been working in the fitness industry since 2007. Sports have always been an important part of his life and as an active soccer player, teamwork is what he values most.

Simon Scherer

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Simon Laufband.JPG

Since Simon was already wearing sports shoes in his romper suit, his life path led him to a B.A. in Sports Science and a M.Sc. in Exercise Physiology and Therapy. After several years in rehab clinics, he is now looking forward to contributing his knowledge and motivating you to perform at your best. In his free time you can find him doing various activities in the mountains or training for running competitions.

Svenja Iller

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platzhalter 1.png

Svenja started her journey in the fitness when she was sixteen years old and has been working as a trainer in Spain, Africa and Germany since then. With her B. Sc. in exercise and health and numerous training courses she is looking forward to share her know-how and her passion for movement with you.

Emanuel Jennrich

Emanuel Jennrich.jpeg

Emanuel joined inicio in 2019. He is looking forward to support you after injuries, in cases of overuse or when it comes to postural defects – both through therapeutic and training specific interventions.