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Joachims Story of success

It started with severe back pain, 4 years ago. A magnetic resonance imaging revealed: two vertebral processes were broken and a spondylolisthesis occurred (called “vertebral slippage”) which was already ossified. Maybe that is the cause of the pain?

And now? Joachim had the choice, accept or train. He decided to fight against it, to counteract the ossification and to turn his back on his pain.

Joachim got going with physiotherapy and swimming and signed up for inicio fitness Kaiseraugst in 2017. He was already doing quite well, but then Corona was coming and his training came to a halt. His learning in this time: when he doesn’t train, the pain comes back!

Packed with new motivation, he put together a core stabilization training with the help of Emanuel. Since April 2021 he has been coming to the center regularly 2-3 times a week.

His training, 90 minutes long, is very shaky but it motivated him again. According to his statement, he has finally found his master: the Sensopro with the program “Swingboard”. Having already reached level 5, Joachim is already looking after a new goal, namely juggling while kneeling on the Sypobaboard.

Joachim, go on! We believe in you and are looking forward to seeing an inicio circus performance from you soon.

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