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Floorball is a game that keeps the body lively!

Alessio Trochen, apprentice at inicio fitness in his first year

Floorball is a less well-known ball sport that is becoming more and more popular in Switzerland. Floorball was developed by Finland, Sweden and Switzerland in the 1970s and is a sport similar to ice hockey that is played in a gymnasium. Floorball is usually only talked about in German-speaking countries, but is the most widespread sport with tens of thousands of players in Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic and Switzerland. It is played on two different field sizes. In the junior area up to about 12 years, the game is played on a field about 20 meters long and 10 meters wide. From about 12 years you can also switch to the large field, which is 40 meters long and 20 meters wide. On the small field it is played three against three (counting without a goalkeeper) and on the big field five against five (counting without a goalkeeper). Since Floorball is basically ice hockey in a sports hall, the rules have been adjusted accordingly.


One of the essential characteristics of floorball is the small white ball with its 26 holes. Most people only know the sport by describing the ball because it sticks in the mind with its unique appearance. The sport is also known for its very high game speed - Floorball was once the fastest ball sport in the world. The light carbon poles also characterize the sport, with a stick weighing 190 grams on average.

Why do I play floorball?

Personally, I play floorball because it's a very fast and intense sport. You have to work in a team and be able to contribute your own ideas. The sport is very varied and I enjoy it accordingly. The feeling as a team to counterattack (a counterattack is an attack on the opposing goal) followed by a goal is awesome. Of course, the emotions are also there: as a spectator, you can join in the excitement and let yourself be carried away. I started playing Floorball thanks to first grade physical education. For me, this sport is one of the best sports out there, both to play and to watch.

What do you need to bring to floorball?

Speed ​​is very important in floorball. You want to play quick passes and counterattack quickly. Also, the players must have a certain willingness to sprint and be agile/coordinated. You must be quick, agile and stable in terms of balance. The willingness to learn must not be missing either, because you can always improve.

Why do you have to bring this?

We need pretty much every form of strength in this sport. For the explosive sprints, for example, we need speed because we can quickly switch from offensive to defensive and therefore have to run back to our half of the field quickly. Above all, you need good stamina in order to be able to perform at your best for as long as possible over the course of an hour.

How can you train these skills?

Coordination is the second most important skill in floorball after speed. You can train your coordination on our Sensopro, for example. There is even a separate “hockey” program for this. Of course, we also have the notorious coordination ladder (a ladder that you lay on the floor and then do running exercises on) in our fitness centers if the Sensopro is still a little too wobbly for you. You can train your speed and reaction speed with the Blazepods. You must always be ready and touch the flashing pod lights as quickly as possible. There are also many different programs that you can test.

Would you like to try out the Sensopro, the running ladder or our new Blazepods? Then please contact us!

Here's another link if you want to watch a floorball game: -goalie-id8200653.html

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