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My way to becoming an expert in preventive and sports nutrition

Day 1 I am really excited about what is going on today The 1st module starts online because of the current situation. It's a sunny day so I decide to move my "classroom" outside =)

We begin with a welcome round for all participants and start directly with the basics of nutrition.

To be able to advise our customers individually as nutrition experts later on, it is important to understand the metabolism and the structure of the human body correctly. This we learn from our lecturer Jeanette lovingly and professionally conveyed. Today I was particularly impressed by the comparison with the Tinguely Fountain and our body... if a gearwheel (human organ) does not function optimally, the process of food intake can be disrupted, which triggers a chain reaction. This insight makes it clear that everyone can influence his quality of life by eating.

Already on the first day I realize how important it is to consider each person as an individual in order to be able to support them individually.

I am curious what is coming tomorrow... ready to expand my knowledge. I am looking forward to sharing my experiences with our members and the team. Your Marco

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