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2021 New Year, New Happiness

Resolutions we all know. But let's be honest, how often have we achieved them? Why do we fail over and over again?

Follow this guide and you can no longer miss your goal!

1. haptic goal

- Set your absolute desired goal

2. support

- Get support, in which form does not matter. Training partner, running partner, trainer, nutrition coach, etc. or involve your partner so that he/she knows where you stand. Make sure that you get people on board who can help or support you.

3. define your goal

- Write as precisely as possible the definition of your goal (how much/long, until when, how often, where, with what/who etc.). The more precisely you can define your goal, the more realistic it is that you will reach it. If you need help to define your goal exactly, don't hesitate, it is crucial for your realization.


5kg more muscle mass

through strength training

in 12 months

with 3 x a week

2x in the studio 1x outside

up to approx. 80min

4. short term goal

- Also write down this goal, divide this goal into smaller units which you can reach in a period of 1-2 months. Again, the more precise you are, the sooner you will reach your goal.


420g in 30 days

Training MO/WE/SA

Training plan from trainer (Mario)

5. motivation/reminder

- Make reminders in the form of notes or print out pictures and hang them where you will always see them. You can also customize your Hendy background picture or your PC picture. This way, your brain will be aware of every contact, whether consciously or subconsciously.

6. before/after

- Take pictures of yourself, front, side and back. These should be taken in neutral positions, the camera and the lighting conditions should be the same.

7. measure success

- You should observe your development in regular intervals under the same circumstances.

8. excuses

- Last and most important point, leave yourself alone with your excuses. Don't go home first if you know that you won't go to the training afterwards. Don't buy yourself a supply of sweets when you know you don't have control yet. Don't date knowing that you are just stopping yourself, etc. Simply put, stop deceiving yourself and imagine what it would be like to live the life you want.

If you no longer want to run away from yourself, feel free to contact me.

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