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Weight loss friendly ambience in the home office

Automated behavior is shaped by our environment. Our environment can therefore help us achieve a healthier body weight if we become aware of our behavior, critically question it and adjust it accordingly. Most of us currently spend a large part of our time at home in the home office, so our own four walls are of great importance.

Habits drive us to do things unconsciously. Take food, for example. Do people snack on the sofa because they are hungry? No, but because they have always done so. Fortunately, routine can also be beneficial to the figure. Because if you're not used to eating outside the dining room, you don't think about it either.

Home taboo zones when it comes to food

In the interest of the slim line, food should have no place where regular meals are not taken. The off-limits area for food thus includes living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms as well as the hobby cellar, the desk and the workplace. Only the water bottle receives a special permit. It can go everywhere. Because drinking water is definitely a good habit.

The inner values of our kitchen

The kitchen is our preparation area and also the place where we store our supplies. It's also where we store quickly available snacks and, unfortunately, not just in the fridge. Boredom and cravings drive us to open the fridge and grab the first best thing. In the kitchen, therefore, order can help keep the weight in balance. The pantry should be organized logically and clearly. If you open the fridge thoughtlessly, you will inevitably reach for what is in front of your nose. Store high calorie food in the top or bottom tray. Low calorie and lean food should be in close sight and reach. Fruits, vegetables, quark or cottage cheese may be stored there without hesitation. The fridge should be at least one-third full of them. Send likewise fatteners from the freezer such as breaded products, pommes and large ice cream buckets into the desert.

The living room quickly becomes a fattening place

Calories in the living room are taboo, this room is not intended for the intake of food, so snacks and co. also put on. Because eating becomes a sideline. Because the TV program distracts one eats unconsciously and often badly satiating calorie bombs. The only thing that is still moving is the finger on the remote control, so away with the chips bag.

Satisfy yourself at the dining table

Instead, there should be a comfortable dining table in the kitchen, dining room or living-dining room where the meal can be enjoyed in a convivial atmosphere. This is where the eye eats. Serve the food on small or medium plates. Because for our brain, a full plate is a full plate - regardless of its size. Don't put full cooking pots on the table; it's too tempting to scoop up and overeat. The food stays in the kitchen and the plates are only filled to medium size. Vegetables, soups and salads can stay, they enjoy VIP status.

For more tips you can get in contact with me directly.

Your Sarah

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