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Do nuts make you fat?

You have probably heard from several people that nuts make you fat. In this blog post I want to talk about whether that`s true or not.

Nuts have a high calorie density. This means that many calories meet little mass. The calories in nuts are mainly coming from the high fat content. However, depending on the type, they also contain a good portion of plant protein.

So, now you know that nuts contain a lot of fat. That`s not a bad thing however, since the body needs fat to keep cells elastic, protect veins or build hormones for example. However, there are different types of fat that are made of so called fatty acids. The described positive effects can be traced back primarily to unsaturated fatty acids. Thus, it can be said that foods with unsaturated fatty acids often have health benefits. However, saturated fatty acids can have a negative effect on your health if consumed in excess.

With excessive consumption of unsaturated fatty acids they can - despite of their benefits - result in weigh gain, granted that you eat in a caloric surplus over a longer period of time.


Nuts contain unsaturated fatty acids, which our body needs. This means that they have a health benefit. However, they should only be eaten in smaller quantities, because they can oppose the risk of overeating and thus give your body more calories than he needs.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in contact with me.

Yours, Katharina.

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