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Tobi organizes himself

Home office as a fitness coach in first sight sound a bit abstract. Also my friend and family often ask me: yeah ok, but what are doing the whole day then?

Let me share my experiences with you:

Since many organizational and planning tasks also fall into my area while working in the center, working with a laptop, iPad and phone are not entirely alien to me.

Nevertheless, the first few days, in which a lot of coordination and planning took place, were difficult to get used to. Sometimes I had to laugh at myself as I sat in front of the laptop, headphones in and jumping from one call to the next – welcome to the call center.

As strange as everything was, you adapt very quickly and the daily routine usually develops all by itself: With a coffee and a breakfast, you can have a great start into the day! Since you`re not yet seen on the screen by video call, I can answer the first mails.

The rest of the day just flies away: planning videos, recording videos, short meeting about who writes which texts and postings and many more… what I really appreciate is, despite being at home, we all work together wonderfully and we all have very frequent and close contact!

Unfortunately, I currently miss a lot my handball sport… so that the ceiling doesn`t fall on my head, exercise and sport is a daily part – the beautiful weather invites you to exercise outdoors and if the temperature for me is to, as an indoor athlete I know how to put my workout into the living room.

I`m looking forward to see each single one of you soon and hope you all have a healthy time!


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