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Teresa between working at home and recording videos

Puh, actually we want to keep you up to date about our home office everyday life. But what can I tell you, that is so exciting? Quickly I gazed for some input from Angela´s report in our newsletter. But still I sit in front of my laptop and have no clue. And then it occurs to me… actually I had an exciting day – my first live workshop on youtube. I even put my favourite blanket on my favourite place on the couch (and recently also my favourite workplace) aside and dashed to the centre. There I felt like one of these super famous fitness influencer. But just for a short moment. After all, we don't want to generate millions of clicks, we just want to keep you fit with workshops and workouts. Well, although, we do not do the whole thing completely selflessly, because we trainers also want to be busy and find great fun to shoot the videos for you.

Now I am back in my home office…. and what next? I am thinking about, how to make a muscle pump set out of household appliances. Maybe it works, maybe not. We will see it in a soon following “Muscle Pump” or rather “Household Pump” workout video.


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