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Mental fitness or moving cognition training - meaning and effects.

Do you know it, you are sitting at your desk and have the feeling that you can't get anything done? Concentration is lacking, you're about to have another coffee and feel overwhelmed?

Did you know that you can promote your own well-being and physical and mental performance with targeted and fun coordination exercises? The key lies in a mixture of perception, brain training and movement. This leads to the creation of new networks in the brain and the receptivity increases again.

More specifically, the training involves flexible body control, with the goal of getting into a flow of movement without stagnation. The visual system is addressed by following movements and focusing. In addition, there is a cognitive training, where the working memory, the perceptive faculty and the knowledge memory are challenged.

This results in improved concentration, faster focusing, solution-oriented and more creative thinking. In short, mental fitness improves. In relation to your work, a mental fitness training can help you to recognize connections faster, to change work faster and to remember information better. Also in scientific studies it could be shown that moving cognition training or mental fitness leads to neuronal changes, which are relevant for cognitive tasks.

To avoid overstraining, however, the training should not be carried out for longer than one hour. Even a short training session of 5-10 minutes has a positive effect on performance, feel free to try it out:

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