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Daniel and his colleague Buddy

So there we are: home office... a very unusual situation for me as a passionate sportsman and coach. The contact with our members and the constant exchange with the other coaches is what I miss most during these times. But well, we try to do our best and are always working on new ideas and workouts in order to make your life a little bit more comfortable. I have to say that, at first, it was very strange to me to work exclusively from home, shoot videos and connect with the rest of our staff by video call. But with time you get used to this way of working. And luckily I have a bit of support from my new colleague Buddy. He sleeps and snores all day long but he forces me to go out several times a day, which helps not getting to caught up in my work.  

I do my workouts as good as possible with the things I have at home and if I'm bored and still have time I start to repaint my patio furniture.  

Let's see what to expect the next days and weeks. I'm really happy when everything is back to normal and we'll see each other again soon in the studio.

Until then, stay healthy! 


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