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Bettina is flooded with ideas from the team

Not seeing the others of the team and our members personally every day is still something I have to get used to. Suddenly I'm sitting at my PC even more than before and am happy about the many video chats, so that I can at least virtually keep in touch with everyone. 

I am flooded with ideas from the team, for which there is now finally enough time to put them into practice. It's a great pleasure to see how everyone is using the time at home to continue making great offers for our members. Every video and text for our blog is celebrated in our team chat - that's how we motivate and encourage each other. With Jürg and the others, I'm constantly working on developing more ideas on how we can be there for our members in these exciting times. We are also intensifying our cooperation with other initiatives from Roche and were thus able to participate in the first digital "IT coffee morning".

As a balance I work out on the roof terrace, take time to try out new recipes or play parlor games at home. 

Yours Bettina

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