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Behind the scenes - my first live video

Everything started with an intensive

preparation phase. I have chosen the best exercises for the topic "BackGym" and put together a suitable sequence. Afterwards I practiced this plan and refined my oral instructions. Always with the thought that I will stand live in front of a camera and you will train behind it in real time. These considerations caused a certain nervousness in me and on the day of the Live Stream, it was immense - but definitely positive! So I was very happy when it finally happened. Tobi our cameraman, positioned everything neatly on the set and supported me during the whole stream. During the training all the tension disappeared and I was able to focus completely on the training with you - a great experience! Afterwards I watched my own performance - slightly ashamed - to be able to work even better during the next shootings. But in the end, I am satisfied with myself and I hope that you enjoyed it too. Big thanks to Tobias and my motivated audience!

See you next time when it's time again for: Live Streaming with Katharina

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