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Resources replenish during recovery – Relaxation Training

It happens that people through their fitness training in connection with work or private related stress are getting more and more into a spiral of permanent stress. They cannot recharge their batteries and get away from it all. Because of their inner restlessness, they also get into conflict with the social environment.

With the help of a systematically relaxation training we learn to build a recovery behavior. While maintaining training are recovery effects more complex and deeper as other relaxing activities. People with a distinctive fight sample experience what is a relaxing recovery and how it feels at the time when they relax themselves finally. You develop a reference for relaxation and how the own body feels doing so. Observe yourself and react instantly in case of declining performance are, among others, the positive effects of such a training.

Thereby you should be aware to avoid two common mistakes:

· A high expectation «After relaxation I feel better». This will take some time. Person concerned can no longer cope. With relaxation training the face in the beginning fatigue, pain or even bad conscience. However, this is a characteristic that the relaxation training is effective. After a few weeks this will easing and the positive effects come to the fore.

· No practice of an activation ritual for the relaxation. Someone who is suffering from permanent stress, can not switch between activation and relaxation and inverse. To go back into the working mode after the relaxation is not possible. This leads many people to interrupt their relaxation exercise and not stick to it.

Ask yourself:

How can I sustain quietness? What extend I am in the condition to realise what is going on with my body? What is my body trying to tell me?

The spiral of activation must be broken through. In rest breaks, we shift our awareness to our body and mind. We find new ways to deal with stressful situations in our daily life.

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