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Dizzy spells during sports

Do you suffer from sudden dizzy spells during or after your training?

- Then this article could help you!

I suffered from dizzy spells, palpitations, vision problems and sweating for a long time in connection with sports and at some point without it.

At first I tried to keep my energy stores full at all times, because low energy is the most common cause, in addition to constantly low or high blood pressure, for unspecific dizziness. This means that I always ate and drank enough. The symptoms, however, remained alarming and my blood count was not deficient either. Therefore, I consulted a cardiologist after my family doctor. However, unfortunately - or fortunately much more so - no trigger could be found in the heart.

Nevertheless, the problem persisted - so I sought help from our physiotherapist Emanuel. After detailed anamnesis and testing, the hypothesis was clear: a weakness in the area of the small neck muscles. These muscles hold and stabilize the head at rest as well as in motion. If they are too weak, the large muscles help out, such as the musculus trapezius. This muscle is also used in standard strength training and reacts to stress with tension.

This is also, where the problem is. If the large muscles are always under tension, they can put pressure on the carotid artery in the sensitive neck area. The pressure receptors there react very sensitively. If there is too much pressure from outside, they react by sending electrical impulses through the nerve tracts or brain, causing blood pressure to drop and the heartbeat to rise. This process leads to the complaints described above.

Now Emanuel showed me his "NECK training program". This program helped me to significantly improve my complaints! - Apart from my problem, his program also helps with neck pain, as the same muscles are often weak in everyday life and the large muscles compensate here too - which can lead to muscle pain.

*Experience report - please always consult a specialist first, if you have health problems.*

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