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The effect of healthy, whole food nutrition on chronic pain

Chronic pain is a complex problem. In certain populations, unfortunately, 40% of people suffer from it. This pain persists for at least 3 months after an injury and remains beyond the period of normal healing. It is not a sign of further tissue damage, but shows changes in our nervous system. Low grade inflammation in the nervous system is thought to be the main driver of chronic pain. One way to trigger the immune function of the nervous system and thus counteract the inflammation is through metabolism, which is mainly influenced by food.

Until now, it was unclear how a specific change in diet affects chronic pain. A group of researchers has now tried to examine the effect of an isolated dietary change on chronic pain in a new study. They included 43 studies that investigated different dietary changes (vegetarian/vegan diet, omitting a specific food, calorie/macronutrient restriction, omega-3 focused, Mediterranean diet, etc.). The results were quite varied, but each form of dietary change was shown to have an overall positive effect on chronic pain, with no single diet standing out in terms of effectiveness. The effects were greatest in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and knee osteoarthritis.

So don`t forget your vegetables ;)

Yours Dominik

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