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Our Training Concept

At inicio fitness we place special emphasis on providing you with highly qualified trainers, that will guide and support you on your way to achieving your personal goals. To ensure that you get the best results possible, you receive six personal Coachings(?) per year with one of our trainers. In the course of this Coaching we carry out several screenings, discuss your prior training regimen, talk about any health issues that might exist, and set new goals together with you. This allows us to write training programs that specifically suit you and your individual needs.


In addition to the six yearly Coaching sessions we provide you with ongoing support in the training area. This way you can be sure there is always a trainer nearby, that will gladly help you with any question you might have.

Your Training Possibilities

In Kaiseraugst, our modern center welcomes you in a familiar atmosphere right in the reception building. The fully glazed rooms not only offer you a great view, but also numerous training options: free weight and functional training, modern strength and endurance equipment as well as a separate, innovative area for coordinative training leave nothing to be desired. Our range of physiotherapy rounds off the holistic concept.

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