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Corona and me

As often the case with negative events, I did not seriously consider the thought that I could be affected myself one day. My motto was: "it won't happen to me". This was also my thought regarding a possible Corona infection. On 27 November, my Corona warning APP then showed in big red letters: "You are contagious, isolate yourself from other people, the health department will contact you in the next few days". The day before, I had gone to our family doctor for a test, together with my partner, because of cold symptoms. He said that it was probably just a cold, but as we both work in the health service, he didn't want to take any risks and test us.

So now what? First we inform our families and friends with whom we had contact 2 days before the onset of symptoms. We also inform our employers immediately. To be on the safe side, they all go into home office for 1 week. Fortunately, none of my colleagues developed symptoms - our protection concept at the centre worked. We phone the health department and give them our contacts for the last 2 days before the onset of symptoms. Fortunately, we had closer, longer contact without masks and distance with only 3 people, one of whom was probably the carrier. The health department informed us that we now had to go into isolation for 10 days.

The course of the disease was similar to the flu. We are tired, have fever, headache and aching limbs. Luckily, the cough is limited, but after a few days we lose our sense of smell and taste. After a week, the isolation gets laborious, we want to get out and we miss exercise and sport. We are supplied with food by friends, a short conversation from the balcony. After 10 days we are finally allowed to go out again, enjoy walks and short bike rides. After 2 weeks we are allowed to go back to work and are happy and grateful to have had a mild course of the disease.

I wish you all a good time and a positive outlook on the new year.

Yours Dominik

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